Photo of Julie Oliver, The Founder of Sweater Slip


Julie Oliver is the founder and CEO of The Sweater Slip, an online boutique specializing in stylish, everyday ultra-thin undershirts. She started her business after seeing that the only options for comfortable undergarments seemed to be high-compression shapewear. 


The compressive nature of most shapewear can be uncomfortable, thick, and isn't designed with sensitive skin in mind. Over the years she tried shapewear or layering t-shirts to alleviate this problem, only to be disappointed by bulky fabric that clings to your sweater. Mostly importantly loosing the shape and style of your beautiful sweater!

By 2020, her vision for a ultra-thin, lightweight undershirt was born.

Sweaters, while so cozy and warm, can cause eczema and other skin irritations, especially those, like Julie, who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies. Sweaters made from materials, such as cashmere and wool, can be especially irritating to the skin for a number of reasons. Just the friction of sweater-like textures plays a big role in skin irritation, however, heavier sweaters and hoodies can trap sweat causing inflammation and rash from the moisture.
With her passion for fashion and her savvy business skills, Julie quickly grew the business into a success, creating a slip that is breathable, soft, and unnoticeable when layered. Today, The Sweater Slip is the go-to destination for undetectable, hardly-there slips.
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